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  • Natural Acne Treatment – 5 important things

    28 diciembre, 2019 por

    1 – If you have sensitive skin.Sensitive skin is a special case, especially if you are following an acne treatment, because your skin reacts strongly to what you put on it. Often your willingness is to stop the acne treatment because it causes you discomfort and strong itching. In this case it is advisable to… Leer más

  • Acne – Causes and Treatments II

    28 diciembre, 2019 por

    What causes acne or how to treat acne? Millions of people around the world suffer from acne; it is a disease that affects all races and both sexes indiscriminately, yet several studies have confirmed that while men are more attacked by acne as teenagers, women are more likely to suffer from acne as adults. Because… Leer más

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