1 – If you have sensitive skin.
Sensitive skin is a special case, especially if you are following an acne treatment, because your skin reacts strongly to what you put on it. Often your willingness is to stop the acne treatment because it causes you discomfort and strong itching.

In this case it is advisable to seek an acne treatment appropriate to your sensitive skin or opt for a natural treatment. Try to choose a natural acne treatment that has no chemicals and does not dry out your skin too much.

2 – If you are concerned about the effects that some chemicals can cause to your skin.

Anything you apply to your skin is absorbed by your body and can affect the whole body. It’s amazing how many chemicals our body is naturally exposed to every day, through the various organs. If your acne treatment contains chemicals and you apply it twice a day, how much is this extra exposure?

Do a search for natural acne treatments or look for a company you trust that will offer you the most natural acne treatment possible.

3 – Acne treatment makes your skin dry and rough.
Dryness and roughness are the main side effects of acne treatments. Try to choose a natural treatment that contains a moisture component in its composition, but does not increase the number of blackheads. These good acne treatments are hard to find and can be more expensive, but they exist and are effective.

Look for a treatment that contains Benzoyl Peroxide, but in percentages below 8% because although this ingredient is very good at treating acne it also dries the skin very much. Benzoyl Peroxide works by expelling impurities from the skin and drying out eruptions, and although it is very effective in treating acne it can cause dry skin in more sensitive people. You will have to experiment to see what you can achieve with your skin type, although percentages of up to 6% do not usually cause damage.

4 – Acne treatment makes your skin dry and red.
Red, irritated and inflamed skin is usually due to an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients that the treatment has and that may be too strong for your skin. If this happens, stop acne treatment immediately.

Acne is an inflammatory disease and natural anti-inflammatories can calm acne symptoms without allergic reactions. Good acne treatment

5 – You are not happy with the acne treatment you are using.
When your acne treatment dries the skin too much, your skin reacts by producing even more oil, and this increases the possibility of increasing the appearance of egres spots.

This is perhaps the most important reason for you to opt for a natural acne treatment, more effective and without side effects. After all, this is why you are looking for a good acne treatment.

If you are asking yourself “what to do?” the first thing is not to start a treatment that can bring you more problems than benefits, or that exposes you to too many chemicals. Opt for a mild acne treatment with natural ingredients. Choose a treatment that contains a natural anti-inflammatory and a cream and moisturize and treat your skin so you can eliminate acne and maintain beautiful skin.