Sleeping can be the barometer of all your health. Most healthy people tend to sleep well while people who have trouble sleeping indicate physical or mental problems. Sleeping well is essential for your physical and psychological health.

Unfortunately even small sleep disorders can cause great damage to your mood, energy, efficiency and ability to fight stress. Ignoring sleep disorders can lead to poor health, accidents, low work performance and difficulties in love relationships. If you want to feel good, stay healthy and get your best sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.
Sleep Bad It is not normal to feel sleepy during the day, to have trouble falling asleep at night or to always be tired.

But even if you have had trouble sleeping for a long time this is not normal and you can learn how to sleep better. You can start by pointing out your sleep symptoms and patterns, and then change some of your daily habits and sleep routine.

If you can’t solve the problem by yourself, you can get the help of a natural sleeping remedy, which helps regulate your sleep and serotonin levels, which is essential to sleep well.
Signs of Sleeping Problems

Everyone experiences trouble sleeping occasionally. So how do you know if your sleeping problems are a minor evil, a passing thing, or represent a more serious problem that needs treatment?

Start by analysing the symptoms, look especially at the daily indicators of having a bad sleep. If you suffer from any of these symptoms on a regular basis you may be having some sleep disorder. If you have trouble sleeping it’s likely that…

  • Feel irritated and sleepy during the day.
  • Have trouble staying awake when standing still, reading or watching television.
  • If you feel irritable or drowsy driving.
  • Have trouble concentrating.
  • Tell others you look tired.
  • Have slow reactions.
  • Have trouble controlling your emotions.
  • Have to use large amounts of caffeine to stay awake.
    If you have some of the symptoms described above you suffer from sleep disorders, which is a nice phrase to say you lack sleep, either because you don’t sleep long enough or because the quality of your sleep is poor.

It is likely that your sleep disorder is insomnia. The most common sleep disorder. Insomnia is the inability to get enough sleep to stay fresh and in good spirits. Insomnia can be the sign of other problems such as stress, anxiety, depression or other serious health problems.

It can also be caused by a wrong lifestyle, other medications you may be taking, lack of exercise (a very sedentary and boring life) or the result of many stimulating drinks you take during the day. Remember that it is not only coffee that is stimulating, tea, colas and chocolate are strong stimulants, among many others.

Insomnia Insomnia makes it difficult to fall asleep at night, consumes a lot of your energy, causes a bad mood and interferes with your ability to function well during the day. It causes difficulty in falling asleep when you lie down, or in falling asleep again when you wake up. You may also wake up frequently during the night, or your sleep may be fragile, fragmented or not cause the necessary rest.

Whatever your insomnia, be careful with your sleeping habits and learn to relax to sleep well and feel better.

Insomnia can be acute (short time) or chronic. Acute insomnia is very common and is usually caused by problems at work, in the family or some traumatic event. It can last for days or weeks and although it can take a natural sleeping remedy, such as the one we recommend and that does not create habituation, usually the acute insomnia disappears when the problem that gave rise to it also disappears.

Insomnia, as well as other sleeping problems, is a serious thing that can cause serious health problems, leading to a life of constant stress, bad mood or irritability. It can also cause serious secondary situations, such as falling asleep at the wheel and having an accident or accidents at work or at home.


Solving the problem that causes insomnia can reverse the situation, especially if you can identify and eliminate the problem early on. Changing some living or sleeping habits, or solving what ails you, can solve insomnia.

However, if the sleeping problem has been going on for some time, it is likely that you will need help to solve it. Chemical remedies are not a solution because they create habituation and then it is very difficult to leave them, even when the problem that caused the insomnia is solved. The solution is natural sleeping remedies, which without causing habituation will help you to solve your sleeping problem.