Many people suffer from chronic pain, but fortunately there are more and more natural treatments for chronic pain. These remedies can be used alone or in conjunction with prescribed medication for the relief of chronic pain.

The frustration associated with chronic pain cannot easily be described, as many people have to abandon important parts of their lives because of the chronic pain, such as hobbies they enjoy, sports and often even their job. This is very common, especially in back pain and joint pain, which are also the main cause of casualties and absences from work. Even normal life at home can be very painful, since by not being able to perform their most routine activities a feeling of powerlessness takes over people. Futility and restlessness can easily turn into depression.

And frustration is not only on the part of the person who suffers from conical pain, the patient’s partner also has great difficulty in dealing with the situation. Often the partner may even doubt the severity of the pain of the person suffering from the chronic pains, especially when the patient gives the feeling of leaving the struggle and resigns to standing still to suffer less.

Back Pain Many of the prescribed medicines offer only temporary relief for certain chronic pains, especially for fibromyalgia and back pain; it is not difficult to find people who get little relief from these medicines that are usually prescribed, especially when the person suffers from other diseases that restrict the type of medicine they can use against the chronic pain, because the strongest medicines affect the entire central nervous system and the brain and therefore cannot be prescribed to all patients who suffer from chronic pain.

Because of this it is normal for the healthy partner to become frustrated with what he thinks is a lack of effort to combat the disease. This frustration can result in resentment, considering the extra expenses and extra work that this person has to bear alone. That is why it is essential not to give up and look for the various treatments for the chronic pains that are possible:

+- Deep massages that are intended for the tissues that may be affected inside the body, and that help to relieve the pain by encouraging the body to get rid of the cause of pain through the stimulation of blood circulation. In addition, the increase in blood circulation also helps to reach the nutrients that cause relief of pain and strengthen the results of medicines.

Unlike light massages, which focus on relaxing the body deep massages focus on treating certain health problems and can help people recover from chronic pain resulting from accidents and restore their mobility. They are also very effective against the pain of fibromyalgia.

+- It is also known that cold can make the symptoms of those suffering from chronic pain worse, while heat therapy helps to minimise the pain. An effective treatment is balneotherapy, a bathing process of immersion in hot mineral water that contains sulfur for pain relief.

Sticky dressings that encourage blood circulation and heat in the area affected by the pain are also widely used in the treatment of chronic pain. And even a simple hot towel or hot water bottle can be very effective in relieving chronic pain when applied directly to the affected area.

+- Acupuncture is used in China for the relief of chronic pain for centuries and is an increasingly popular treatment in the West. This technique consists of sticking long needles in certain places to eliminate or relieve pain or prevent the pain from reaching the brain.

+- Many patients with chronic pain find help in the natural remedies for chronic pain, which allow you to stimulate the body and thus reduce pain. These natural painkillers are of high importance, especially for those people who cannot take certain strong prescription medicines because of other illnesses they have.

  • Some vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and vitamin D, are also essential because their lack causes muscle pain.

+- Yoga and other similar relaxation techniques can also provide permanent pain relief as the patient can ‘feel’ his body better and thus react better to the pain.

There are many ways to reduce the chronic pain and many of the methods do not even need a medical prescription. Patients can benefit from many natural treatments for chronic pain such as balneotherapy, massage, acupuncture, natural remedies (made from plant extracts) and yoga to relieve their pain. If you are unhappy with your current treatment, consider adding one or more of these natural treatments for chronic pain and see how you feel.