Nail Mycosis is probably one of the most difficult infections you could ever have. It affects millions of people and spreads continuously, even with major medical advances. Finding the safest and most affordable treatments for nail mycosis has always been the goal of every patient. How can we really be sure that what we are using now is safe, effective and affordable in relation to others?

Nail Mycosis For some who have been struggling with Nail Mycosis for over a decade, it is not a question of how much money they can spend, but the effectiveness of the treatment. They have tried one treatment after another and the infection has not yet been eliminated. The treatments can work in the early stages and give you incredible results, but the infection can recur in a matter of months. This is certainly frustrating.

What are the main treatments for Nail Mycosis?

For more information on credible treatments, research has been done to determine the most common treatments to fight Nail Mycosis infection.

  1. Oral medication – mainly prescribed by doctors because of their good history of eliminating Nail Mycosis. This was also cited as the fastest way to eliminate the fungus before laser treatment was introduced. However, this requires monitoring the state of the blood and liver. Oral medication requires a high dosage of antifungals to make sure that the fungus is eliminated. High dosage represents possible liver damage.
  2. Topical medication – is applied externally to the infested part. In research, prescription drugs often cause some bad effects on the user, such as burning the skin. A wrong movement when applied can cause problems. Natural remedies, on the other hand, are made of natural antifungals that make them harmless, even to pregnant women.
  3. Home remedies – Garlic, Listerine and even seawater are used as remedies for Nail Mycosis. There are no clinical tests performed to prove the effectiveness of these methods. But many people have complained about the effectiveness of home remedies. This is the cheapest way to deal with Nail Mycosis. However, when used for a long period of time, it can also become expensive.
  4. Laser treatment – was formally introduced in 2008 as the definitive cure against Nail Mycosis. Light is used to reach the infested area and directly kill the fungus. The laser session only takes about 30 minutes, but for the most severe cases, which require removal of the fingernail from the nail bed, it may take 9 months of waiting to see the effects. This treatment usually takes about 1 to 4 sessions to get rid of the fungus.