It can be difficult to diagnose a Nail Mycosis infection, especially if you don’t have pictures to compare. Looking at pictures of Nail Mycosis can help shed light on your problem, is it nail mycosis or something else?

Fungal nail infections are common and it is likely that if you have specific symptoms, it is a fungus rather than just an abnormality. There are some conditions, such as vitamin deficiencies that can cause symptoms that may look like the descriptions of nails attacked by fungus. So, looking at images of nail mycosis can be helpful.

There are many sites that provide images of different types of nail mycosis infections as well as at different stages of the infection. From the early stages with simple discoloration to the advanced stages of deformed toenails, which are raised, brown and rough.

The sooner you can find out what is happening, the sooner you can start treatment and find a cure for this embarrassing condition before you need a strong medical intervention.

Initial symptoms of nail fungus include a discoloration of the nail as well as a thickening of the nail. You will easily notice the discoloration if you paint your nails, otherwise you may not notice anything until the nail starts to thicken which then you notice that something is not right with your nail. Often, it is when you start to cut your nails that you notice that you have nail mycosis.

The thickened nail can be difficult to cut and can even be fragile and cracked. It is very important to start taking a medicine or starting a treatment plan at this time to prevent the fungus from spreading.

Home remedies such as natural oils can be very effective at this stage if you are persistent with treatments until the affected nail grows.

Once the nail mycosis spreads you will probably need a stronger treatment that cures for the complete cure of the infection.

Natural treatments like Zetaclear are remedies that can be quite effective as well as safe to use. Continue use until the affected area of the nail grows out completely and only remains healthy.

If you allow your nail mycosis to go untreated to an advanced stage it will be difficult to treat. At this point, a bad smell is common and you are probably experiencing a lot of pain. It can become difficult and painful to wear shoes and walk.

In cases like these the infection is so deep that it requires long-term treatment with chemicals, often harmful oral treatments and surgical removal of the nail are needed to cure the nail mycosis permanently. Do not let this happen.