These days there’s a lot of things that can stress us out. Many people are stressed because of work, family obligations or financial problems and trying to relax in this rushed society is not an easy thing. And the truth is that stress can seriously affect personal relationships.

Many people feel too much pressure at work, in relation to money, with their children or with health problems and this responsibility that is thrown on their shoulders is the cause of too much stress. And stress then interferes with other parts of our lives. If you are married or dating your partner will feel the effects of this stress.

Stress Many people try to keep this anxiety locked up so that no one is aware of their problems. However, there are always external indicators that the person is suffering from stress.

One of the main symptoms of stress is a loss of libido (loss of sexual desire). In fact, sex is one of the things that can relieve stress, but stressed people usually don’t feel like participating in intimate contacts. For married people this is a symptom that can easily indicate that their partner is struggling with some problem that is making them stressed.

Most of the time the symptoms of stress are easy to identify:

  • Leaving unfinished or unfinished tasks is a symptom of stress.
  • They can also suffer from depression and sleep too much.
  • The motivation for any extra tasks disappears when the person is under stress.
  • Stress can even present physical symptoms such as panic or anger attacks, headaches or heart palpitations.

Of course, none of these physical symptoms should be underestimated and cannot always be attributed to stress. If you are constantly suffering from headaches or have a heart problem, you should always seek medical advice and not assume that you are under stress.

Another very common symptom of stress is difficulty sleeping – insomnia. But on the other hand there are also people who sleep too much when they are stressed, usually because of depression.

They can also have characteristics of anger, irritability and lack of patience. Remember that when a person is stressed they are always on the verge of having an emotional attack. If you or your partner are experiencing high levels of stress it is important to sit down and talk about what may be causing the stress and look for ways to relieve it. Stress Symptoms

Learn about yourself… are you feeling stressed? If so, you may have to analyze your thoughts to find out what is causing you restlessness. What is happening in your life that makes you feel this way?