If you are suffering from herpes eruptions you probably want to get rid of them and it is natural to ask yourself whether you should use natural or chemical remedies.

Natural remedies act differently from chemical remedies. There are pros and cons to both, related to safety, side effects and price. Inform yourself about these differences and decide for yourself.

Natural Remedies – Chemical Remedies Let’s start with chemical herpes remedies. These are basically antiviral remedies that should be used right at the beginning of herpes eruptions to decrease the time of the eruption.

These remedies are safe because they undergo several tests before they reach the market, but they are very strong and should not be used for a long time.

There are several brands on the market and they work basically preventing the multiplication of the virus. Some can only be purchased with a prescription and, when they are not reimbursed, they can be quite expensive. All of them have side effects, some of them dangerous, so they should not be taken longer than necessary to eliminate the symptoms.

Their only advantage is speed. Chemical remedies in the first phase are always faster than natural remedies to control herpes symptoms.

Natural herpes remedies work in a different way. They provide the necessary support for the body itself to fight the herpes virus. More than half of people who use natural herpes medicines develop an immune system strong enough to prevent future herpes outbreaks.

Other people should always have a reserve of herpes medicine on hand that they can use at the first symptoms of herpes and thus control it easily. Natural herpes medicines

Some of these remedies have the inconvenience that they are not safe because they are not assessed as chemicals before they reach the market. Many brands also advertise their medicines as natural without actually being so, so care is needed in choosing the brand to use.

To get a better and faster effect you can use both remedies at first, to control herpes symptoms more easily, and once the symptoms are under control stop the chemicals and just continue with the natural remedies for a while longer to avoid the appearance of future herpes outbreaks, because the natural remedies can be taken for months to strengthen the immune system without side effects.