Herpes – don’t let this virus control your life.

Herpes simplex is the name given to a virus that causes a very common and contagious disease that causes rashes with lots of pimples and sores, usually around the lips or on the genital organs, but that can attack several other parts of the body, such as the eyes, throat, neck, shoulders and stomach.

Herpes This virus has several variants, the most commonly known to attack men with herpes simplex type 1, which is usually the cause of oral herpes, and herpes simplex type 2, which is usually the cause of genital/vaginal herpes. This is a disease that after contagion remains in the body for the rest of life, but although the virus cannot be eliminated by treatments they allow to relieve the symptoms and control the herpes virus so that no new eruptions occur, or at least that its severity is reduced.

The herpes virus when in a latent state is lodged in the muscles (not causing the destruction of these cells) and can be easily activated due to a break in the immune system of the person caused by an external or internal factor, then attacking the cells of the skin or mucous membranes and causing their destruction.

The symptoms are similar in both type 1 and type 2 herpes. It usually starts with a few painful and itchy blisters in the mouth or genital area. When these blemishes finally burst, they cause an open wound that is very painful and contagious. In the most severe cases, in addition to the discomfort of the eruptions can cause fever, general malaise, stomach pains and muscle aches. In the case of vaginal herpes there is a thick discharge and an unpleasant smell.

It is very contagious when in the active state. Genital herpes, which is the most contagious, can be transmitted even when there are no wounds or blisters. In fact both types of herpes can be transmitted by contact with an infected area, by sexual contact or by saliva, even when there are no open wounds, although the probability is lower.

Women are more infected with vaginal herpes because the sexual contagion from man to woman is easier than from woman to man because the woman has more wet areas (mucous membranes) where the virus proliferates, and also suffers more from this infection. For the woman it is also more embarrassing, causes more discomfort and often even leads to depression. vaginal herpes

As the body has no defenses when it is infected, the first eruption is always more severe and lasting, usually lasting three to four weeks and there may be new herpes eruptions even before the first ones have dried.

There are several types of herpes treatments on the market, but most of them are chemical and have been studied to cause relief of herpes symptoms in the short term. But to treat herpes effectively natural treatments are the most beneficial, because of the time it takes to treat herpes in order to avoid new eruptions, because chemical medicines have strong side effects and should not be taken for long periods.

Oral herpes At the beginning chemical treatments can also be taken in conjunction with natural treatments for faster control of herpes symptoms without problems.

After controlled symptoms (when itching and burning decrease) chemical treatments should be stopped and natural treatments should be maintained for a few more weeks or months to avoid future eruptions.

There are several chemical remedies on the market, many of them effective, although all have strong side effects when used for long periods. Your doctor or pharmacist can easily prescribe a suitable one for you.

There are also several home treatments for herpes that can be applied to the infected area or taken orally. These are usually plant extracts known for their antiviral and fungicidal properties. But almost all are poisonous or can cause serious disorders when used in high doses. The rule is basic: the more efficient the more poisonous. This is why care must be taken when using them. Some of the best known are Tava Tea Oil, Chimacea and Myrrh. Apple vinegar and lemon juice can also be used in the treatment of herpes, but are not very effective.

For those who want an effective and safe herpes treatment in prolonged treatments, natural medicine remains. The natural remedies produced by the natural medicine laboratories are composed of extracts such as those presented above, among others, but combined in appropriate proportions to be efficient without being dangerous and without causing side effects in prolonged treatments such as herpes treatment.