The basic definition of hemorrhoids is a tissue that is swollen in the anus because the surrounding blood vessels are equally swollen. The most common symptoms of haemorrhoids are bleeding, severe itching and pain. Each of these symptoms of haemorrhoids can happen separately or together.

The first symptoms of haemorrhoids are usually the itching and, as you progress, the pain that is sometimes quite strong when you sit or even walk, due to the swollen veins that project out of the anus. The fresh, bright red blood is also a sign of hemorrhoids.

There are two types of hemorrhoids: external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. If the hemorrhoids are not visible outside the anus they are called internal hemorrhoids, although these hemorrhoids can partially come out of the anus and external hemorrhoids when they originate outside the canal.

External haemorrhoids are very painful and make it very difficult to clean and may even cause injury and draw blood. They are the most painful and cause the most distress and discomfort. Those who suffer from severe external haemorrhoids get desperate and look for a treatment for haemorrhoids that quickly relieves their symptoms so that they can lead a normal life, because these haemorrhoids can seriously affect everyday life.

Internal haemorrhoids are much less uncomfortable and sometimes in addition to the occasional itching the only most visible symptom is the appearance of fresh blood in the stool. This type of haemorrhoids usually does not cause pain or great discomfort.

There are several causes of haemorrhoids:

People who are trapped from the intestines and have to push hard to evacuate can often suffer from haemorrhoids. Effort is one of the most common causes. Some types of foods that cause constipation and spicy foods are also one of the causes of occasional haemorrhoids.

Pregnancy, especially after 12 weeks, is also a frequent cause of haemorrhoids. Pregnant women often suffer from this disease. This is due to the weight of the foetus and the extra effort to which they are subjected. The force required for normal childbirth can also cause haemorrhoids or make them worse in women who already suffer from them.