The basic symptoms of haemorrhoids are the appearance of protuberances in the anus due to swelling of the veins that circulate it.

People suffering from haemorrhoids may have blood in their stools, severe pain (especially external haemorrhoids when sitting) and intense itching. Itching is usually the first sign that another episode of haemorrhoids is imminent and is stronger when it comes to external haemorrhoids.

External haemorrhoids are more painful, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting down, cause more itching and also make the action of evacuating and cleaning difficult, often bleeding.

In the internal hemorrhoids many times the first sign is the appearance of some blood in the feces, accompanied by some itching and discomfort, or even pain, when evacuating.

And although internal haemorrhoids are not usually seen, they can be felt when you stick your finger in and, when in an advanced stage, they can even come out when you evacuate.

Causes of the Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be hereditary, but it is a disease that is not caught (contrary to popular belief) when in contact with patients or when one goes to the toilet. The most likely cause of an episode is constipation, when one is forced and makes a great effort to evacuate. Irregular bowel movements (usually associated with constipation) are another major cause. It can also be triggered by the effort of lifting high weights or the ingestion of certain foods, mainly very spicy preserves.

Pregnant women, after the 12th week, are also at high risk of developing haemorrhoids. Excessive pressure on the pelvic region caused by the growth of the fetus can cause haemorrhoids, both internal and external. And the pressure in normal delivery can also aggravate the symptoms of women who are already suffering from this disease.

Do not underestimate an immediate treatment if you begin to feel symptoms of haemorrhoids such as blood in the stool and strong itching in the anus, because a treatment at the beginning of the symptoms is much more effective.