Genital herpes affects many people, but as it is a very personal disease, it is not much talked about. It is spoken in a very restricted way, almost as if it were taboo, the result of misunderstandings, myths and half-truths. This article presents some facts and myths about herpes.

Genital herpes – The fact is that about 20% of people have genital herpes, 25% of them women are infected with vaginal herpes. The fact that there are more women infected with herpes is that they are more likely to be infected because in the vagina there are more wet areas where the virus ‘clings’ than in the man’s penis. This means that a woman who has sex with a man infected with genital herpes is more likely to be infected than a man who has sex with a woman infected with vaginal herpes.

  • Another fact is that infected people in big cities are always higher than the national media. No one knows for sure why, but it is assumed that because there is more sexual promiscuity.
  • One myth is that the condom is effective in preventing genital herpes contagion, but the truth is that the condom offers only partial protection. It helps to prevent contagion but does not offer full protection because it does not cover all areas where the herpes virus may be present.
  • Another myth is that genital herpes only affects people with high sexual activity and promiscuity. The truth is that genital herpes affects people of all kinds, regardless of their education and beliefs. People with very few sexual partners can be infected and the big problem is that almost half of people can be infected with herpes and have no symptoms, so they do not even know they are infected.

However, herpes is not a deadly disease unless it attacks a person with a very weakened immune system and is not treated in time.

  • Another fact is that more than a third of people with herpes lie and say they are not infected. So it’s better to play defense and not believe everything we’re told. Genital Herpes
  • Another myth is that oral sex is safe. Oral herpes virus can pass to the genitals, just as genital herpes can pass to the mouth.
  • There is another myth that if you only have sex with one partner and get genital herpes then your partner must have betrayed you. But the truth is that your partner may have had contact with the genital herpes virus for a long time and may never have had symptoms, so he may not even know that he was infected. The same may also have happened to you, you may have been infected for a long time and only now the herpes virus is manifesting. However, the possibility that your partner has betrayed you cannot be ruled out.
  • To conclude. It’s a myth that herpes can be transmitted through the top of a toilet seat. The probability of that happening is very, very remote.