There are several ways to eliminate the fungus in the nails naturally and we are going to deal with this now. But before we talk about treatments for nail mycosis, let us first talk about prevention and its importance.

Nail mycosis is caused by fungi that proliferate in the nails and the results are not very pleasant to see. The result is yellowish or brownish nails with a thick and rough appearance.

nail mycosis Generally speaking the fungi multiply easily in dark and humid places and the best way to avoid nail mycosis is to keep the feet dry and clean. Try not to wear shoes or sneakers that are too tight and stuffy because this helps the fungi to proliferate. Also make sure you wash your feet regularly and maintain a high level of hygiene.

Note that poor blood circulation can also cause nail mycosis. This is because not circulating the necessary blood means that your immune system cannot fight the fungus effectively.

In addition to the above measures you may also consider eating yogurt regularly, because yogurt contains probiotics that help fight the fungus. This works as a prevention but also as a treatment for nail mycosis and other fungal diseases, to lose weight and to maintain good general health and a high immune system.

Now let’s look at some natural treatments for nail mycosis:

You can apply apple vinegar diluted in water directly to infected nails. Apple vinegar is well known for its ability to treat all types of fungicide infections. Basically, fungi hate it! Simply apply a small amount on top of the nails and let it dry. You can apply in the morning and at the end of the day.

In addition to apple vinegar you can try crushing a few heads of garlic and creating a stick paste with water. Then just apply this paste on top of the nails. This can be a bit difficult, a bit dirty, so make sure it’s a little bit dull until it takes effect or you should cover the infected nails. Garlic, like apple vinegar, is a powerful anti-fungicide that offers fast results. fungus in the nails

Here’s another nail mycosis treatment you can try: Did you know that Listerine has been shown to be very effective at eliminating nail fungus? As it is an antibacterial elixir works very well and just apply it directly on top of the nails and let it dry.