Conventional medicine for the treatment of herpes has three main objectives, let’s discover them. Let’s look at the conventional treatments for herpes, but be aware that there are also natural treatments for herpes. Understand that conventional medicine and natural medicine differ in their aims for the treatment of herpes.

Conventional medicine looks at herpes as a treatable but incurable disease that can be fought with a remedy whenever a herpes outbreak appears, while natural medicine looks at herpes in a context of long-term cure, or at least in the prevention of the appearance of new herpes outbreaks, because there is no known method to rid the body of the virus permanently.

This leads us to the conclusion that herpes has no definitive cure. Since the herpes virus enters our body it is no longer possible to eliminate it completely and there is a strong probability of herpes eruptions occurring sporadically.

Conventional medicine focuses on the treatment of these herpes outbreaks in order to make the symptoms of herpes less severe. It is much better than simply ignoring the symptoms just because a definite cure for herpes is not possible, as herpes can seriously interfere with everyday life as patients become weakened by the disease. For this there are several antivirals that can be taken, which considerably reduce the symptoms of herpes and substantially reduce the time of each eruption.

Although conventional herpes medicines are very effective in reducing or even eliminating symptoms, there are some things you should take into account. Although in theory these remedies can be taken in such a way as to prevent the appearance of new herpes eruptions, they are only used to suppress the symptoms for two reasons: the first is that there is no real economic interest in curing the person and the second is that these remedies are basically poisonous and therefore have strong side effects when taken for long periods of time.

These remedies can considerably relieve the symptoms of herpes and shorten the time it takes for each eruption and for most people this is sufficient. This is something they are already grateful for, as it allows you to reduce pain and itching considerably, and if you do not take anything you will suffer greatly and for much longer periods of time.

Of course, it also has to do with how often these herpes attacks happen. For some people herpes is not a very big problem and whenever it appears they just take an antiviral that shortens the time of the eruptions and relieves the symptoms.

But many people complain of frequent herpes attacks. It is for these people that natural medicine is best suited to eliminate the possibility of future herpes attacks rather than actually stopping the current one. genital herpes

Since natural remedies do not have the side effects that chemicals do, it is possible to take them for long periods of time, preventing the appearance of new herpes eruptions.

And since both medicines are not antagonistic you can have the best of both worlds: you can take both medicines at the same time when a herpes outbreak appears, and continue with the natural remedy when the symptoms end to prevent new outbreaks.