Thousands and thousands of people every year turn to the doctor for chronic pain. For some it is possible to relieve or eliminate the chronic pains in a few weeks, but for many other people these pains last for months, or even the rest of their lives.

Chronic pains affect the patient’s life in many ways. Many people spend their lives going to the doctor to get some relief, they want to find out the causes of the pain, they want to do new tests. They want to try any treatment that is available. Others resign themselves to suffering in silence!

Those who suffer from chronic pain usually have difficulty performing normal daily tasks, because this increases the intensity of the pain, and they live in constant fear of any movement that increases their pain.

Chronic pains are the main reason for people to visit orthopaedic surgeons and neurologists, and the second reason for visits to the general practitioner and, most of the time, they are unable to get a cure, just a reduction in the intensity of the pain. But if nothing is done to control the chronic pain, it can make a person’s life incapacitated.

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The limitations to a normal life due to chronic pains can be multiple, from the limitations imposed by the doctor to those that the patients themselves impose themselves. They can be physical and psychological limitations:

  • Depression. One of the most common causes of chronic pain is depression, which can even include other direct relatives of the patient. And it is not just a depression that causes sadness or bad feeling, but often deep depression. This depression beyond the person feeling very low presents fatigue, sleep disorders, changes in habits and can even lead to suicidal tendencies.
  • Changes in social activity. This is the second major effect of chronic pain. People who suffer from chronic pain tend to isolate themselves, become reluctant to attend parties and other social events. They try to avoid certain social activities or even family outings. Chronic Pain
  • Labour problems. Everyone who suffers from chronic pain tends to miss a lot of work. Statistics show that absences from work due to chronic pains are those that cause more days of absence per year.
  • Loss of job. Chronic pains are often the cause of job loss, as patients cannot cope with certain types of work, or the cause of many early retirements due to disability.
  • Difficulties in domestic chores. One of the greatest limitations of chronic pains is the inability to perform many household chores, gardening and other activities that require various movements. Many people complain that they cannot do tasks such as cleaning the floor, vacuuming the house, dusting and other basic household chores.

Back Pain Due to these difficulties and the fact that doctors often cannot eliminate chronic pain definitely many people think it is best to limit the activity to a minimum, which is not the best idea. Most of the time moderate exercise helps to keep muscles and joints moving, which helps to minimize the chronic pains.

Another problem that people, especially older people, face is the difficulty that doctors have in prescribing certain kinds of stronger medications due to the interference with other medications that act on the nervous system and that the person already takes for other diseases, such as depression, or the side effects that these medications have on the stomach, liver and kidneys. This makes many more aggressive treatments impossible and leaves people vulnerable to their pain.

However, natural medicine has made enormous progress in the treatment of chronic pain, from acupuncture to natural remedies made exclusively from 100% vegetable extracts that do not have the side effects or interference with other drugs that chemicals have, being the most efficient and natural way to eliminate, or at least strongly accentuate, chronic pain without suffering side effects.