The treatment of chronic pain usually consists of physical treatments, analgesics and anti-inflammatories. However, more and more people are starting to use natural remedies for chronic pain because they offer a form of treatment of chronic pain without side effects.

One of the biggest problems of painkillers and anti-inflammatories are the strong side effects they can have and the fact that they cannot be taken by all people, especially older people who suffer from dementia or take other medications that interfere with the central nervous system.

There are natural and safe treatments for the relief of chronic pain, without the side effects of prescribed drugs, which are a better choice:

Chronic Pain Massage +- Deep Massage. Chronic pains usually involve sore muscles, ligaments and tendons that impede circulation, cause severe pain and strongly restrict movement.

A deep massage aims to attenuate the tension of these muscles and increase circulation in order to reduce pain.

+- Heat therapy. Heat works by helping the muscles and joints to relax. It does not eliminate the causes of the chronic pain but helps to attenuate the pain discount.

One of the most efficient heat therapies consists of thermal baths, which involve massages using running hot water that stimulates and relaxes the muscles. The water does not always need to be hot, but usually varies between 20º and 34º and in many cases is added to the mineral water to help in the effectiveness of the treatment for chronic pain.

Another very common treatment for chronic pain and even acute pain is heat pads. When applied over the affected area they dilate the blood vessels increasing the circulation and heat in the affected area and decreasing the pain.

One of the problems with these heat patches, as well as some ointments for the pain, are the chemicals that are used for circulation and that many people cannot use because they are allergic to these products.

Hot stones can also be used. These are usually stones that are heated and then serve to massage the body and can be left at certain critical points to relieve chronic pain.

+- Acupuncture, a treatment for chronic pain widely used in Chinese culture. Based on the belief that pain is caused by energy blockages and that this energy can be released by inserting fine needles at certain specific points in the body.

+- The ointments for chronic pain sold in pharmacies are also widely used for the relief of chronic pain, but like the dressings some of the chemicals used cause allergies and irritate the skin of more sensitive people and often cause a burning sensation in the place where they are applied. Chronic Pains

+- Natural supplements for chronic pain. In many cases natural remedies for chronic pain can be the appropriate solution to relieve chronic pain, especially in many people who for health reasons are allergic or cannot take certain stronger medications.

Often the pain is also due to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and vitamin D, so taking supplements that eliminate these deficiencies can also eliminate or at least alleviate the chronic pain.

For people who cannot take synthetic painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs because they interfere with the nervous system, the stomach or other medications that already take natural remedies for chronic pain are the best and most economical way to get relief for their pain.