Do you have any itching, burning or even pain in your vaginal area? When you urinate or have sex do you feel discomfort in the same area, a discomfort that can be painful or with a burning sensation?

You are also likely to see a small whitish discharge, like melted cheese. If you feel any of these symptoms it is very likely that you have a fungal infection, more precisely, that you have applied for it, an infection caused by the candida fungus.

treatment vaginal candidiasis For those who are not sure whether they are infected with candidiasis or do not try to observe whether they have these symptoms when their period is almost upon them. It is at these times that candidiasis usually manifests itself, due to the change in acidity in the vagina.

The presence of the candidiasis virus in the vagina in small amounts is not of concern, but if there is a sudden multiplication of the candidiasis virus, causing the symptoms of candidiasis listed above to appear, it may be a serious case.

However, there is no need to panic either. What you should do is start a treatment against candidiasis immediately so as not to let it create alarming proportions or spread to other areas of the body.

There are a number of anti-fungal treatments that the doctor can prescribe that can stop candidiasis quickly, but some of these drugs have very significant side effects (after all, anti-fungal drugs are poisons).

You can also choose natural remedies that are equally effective and have no side effects. Natural remedies, apart from being safer, still have the advantage of not having to consult a doctor (if you feel uncomfortable about it).

In addition to the treatment, one of the things you can do to alleviate the effects of candidiasis is to keep the vaginal area always dry, wear cotton clothing that lets the skin breathe and does not cause perspiration and do not wear tight trousers.

You should also not take long immersion baths or apply female sprays. Try to keep the vaginal area as dry and clean as possible, as the virus does not reproduce in dry and clean environments. vaginal candidiase

It is advisable to start a treatment for candidiasis as soon as possible, as candidiasis is more serious than it may appear at first symptoms. Candidiasis in people with a weak immune system, when untreated, can be very uncomfortable, causing an almost unbearable itching and burning sensation in the vagina and spreading to other sensitive areas of the body, causing significant general malaise.

It should also not stop the treatment of candidiasis as soon as the symptoms disappear, as the fungus is not yet under control and will ‘attack’ again at the first opportunity. Treatment should be maintained for a few more weeks for the fungus to be effectively controlled.

This is why we recommend the natural remedy Yeastrol, as taking poisonous anti-fungal drugs for prolonged periods is not advisable at all.