Apple vinegar is one of the best home treatments for candidiasis, and is effective in all types of candidiasis.

Candidiasis is caused by the uncontrolled reproduction of the fungus Candida Albicans and can infect various parts of the body such as the mouth, genital areas, skin and intestines and apple vinegar is effective in treating all these variants of candidiasis as it contains natural enzymes that kill the fungus and control its growth.

+= How to use apple vinegar in the treatment of oral candidiasis.

Candidiasis often manifests itself in and around the mouth, which is called oral candidiasis. This infection causes pimples with a velvety white appearance and can even cover the whole tongue and a large part of the mouth. It can also cause very painful small cracks.

Oral candidiasis can be very complicated and can even cause fever. It is also very painful and annoying, especially when it comes to eating.

Oral candidiasis Many people have so much difficulty eating that they weaken, making the body even more vulnerable to candida fungus attack.

The best way to use apple vinegar to treat oral candidiasis is as an elixir to yawn. Dissolve one part vinegar in two parts of water and use this mixture to yawn repeatedly, holding the mixture in your mouth for some time. If the infection has already spread around the mouth wash the whole face (except the eyes) with this mixture and apply directly to the pimples with a cotton wool or gauze several times a day.

+= How to use apple vinegar to treat candidiasis on the skin.

Candidiasis also regularly affects the skin where it is most sensitive. Usually on the belly, between the toes, under the breasts and in other places where there is a fold of skin. These eruptions can be manifested by small pimples, compact sores or even small cracks and sores.

Apple vinegar is very good for relieving the symptoms of candidiasis on the skin, especially strong itching. It can be used in two ways: in a vinegar and water mixture to wash the infected area or in the bathtub for a complete emersion bath. In both cases the infected area should be kept submerged for about half an hour. You should repeat the treatment every day, if possible even more than once.

+= How to use apple vinegar in the treatment of intestinal candidiasis.

In some cases candidiasis can infect the intestines; it usually occurs due to the taking of antibiotics that kill the intestinal flora or by a very weak immune system. Although symptoms of intestinal candidiasis are not very common, they can be muscle and joint pain, headaches, depression, rashes, colic, diarrhoea and gas.

Apple vinegar can help with the treatment of intestinal candidiasis by ingesting it diluted in water two to three times a day, as it helps to eliminate fungus, restore natural acidity to the intestines and balance the intestinal flora. treatment candidiasis

+= How to use apple vinegar in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis.

Amazingly, vaginal candidiasis affects about 75% of women at some stage in their life. Vaginal candidiasis is very, very common. And of these about half continue to have recurrent eruptions of candidiasis.

Women who suffer from this type of candidiasis feel strong itching, a burning sensation that can be quite strong and in addition to the outside being red, pimply and inflamed it also gives off a whitish or yellowish discharge, similar to melted cheese.

Vaginal candidiasis Apple vinegar is used to treat vaginal candidiasis in the same way as for skin candidiasis. You can use the diluted vinegar in water to take an emersion bath, to wash the infected area and you can also soak a buffer in this mixture and insert it into the vagina for about half an hour.

Remember that vinegar must be of good quality, the better the quality the better the effects of the treatment on candidiasis, and it must be apple vinegar, never wine.

Apple vinegar is very good at treating candidiasis. Although it can hardly cure the most severe cases at least it provides a rapid and efficient relief from the symptoms of candidiasis. Eliminating candidiasis for good is difficult, much more so than you might think… and time consuming too, it can take several months.