A lot of controversial information on the internet can lead some people to wonder if they really need to do a bowel clean-up. Whether it is beneficial to prevent or combat diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, stress or high blood pressure, or whether it only works to control heartburn, constipation and other digestive problems.

colon cleansing Although intestinal cleansing basically benefits digestion and allows better use of the nutrients ingested (in addition to obvious detoxification) the truth is that a properly functioning organism strengthens the immune system and thus allows it to ‘help’ in the fight against numerous diseases not directly related.

Common methods of intestinal cleaning are enemas, irrigation, laxatives and natural supplements. There are many advocates that all these methods, or at least some, provide protection in some way for a number of diseases and in a way improve our overall health. Weight loss is also associated with intestinal cleansing.

The history of intestinal cleansing

Bowel cleaning is not only famous these days. In fact, this procedure has been famous for many, many years. Egyptian doctors were already convinced that food fermented and clung to the walls of the intestines, releasing toxins into the body and preventing a normal functioning of digestion. The ancient Greeks also had this conviction and believed that these toxins that infected the blood were responsible for various diseases. All these beliefs have continued to this day, although without scientific evidence to support this story, so most people ignored them and continued to become intoxicated.

Modern intestinal cleansing

Modern intestinal cleansing processes will come from these millenary beliefs. The process of eliminating toxins from the colon, blood and other organs to achieve strong and sustained health is now possible with various methods and remedies.

According to Dr. Stephen Barret natural intestinal cleansing products do not cause side effects, as their components are fibers, salts and plant extracts with laxative and deworming properties. However these products are expensive and when consumed incorrectly or in inappropriate dosages they can cause quite uncomfortable effects, so it is advised to take a compound intestinal cleanser supplement, which has the right dosages to produce an uncomfortable effect.

Strange forms of faeces in the shape of our intestines are expelled when these supplements are taken because of the fibre they contain and their properties, which separate them from the walls of the intestines where they remain attached, but maintain their shape.

In contrast there is another method of intestinal cleaning, which is colon irrigation. The insertion of water through the rectum liquefies the faeces and allows them to be eliminated more easily, but this method can present several problems, such as diarrhoea and colon infection/irritating. Although it is more common for problems to occur when done at home the truth is that even when done with the help of professionals it is not without risks. Another problem is dehydration.

Another method to take into account are laxatives. But it is also a method that is not advisable, especially for those who suffer from the kidneys or the heart, because they may contain phosphates that are dangerous for these people. In addition laxatives cause habituation and make the intestines ‘lazy’, making people dependent on them for obrar. intestinal cleaning

But due to the modern lifestyle and poor diet, with improper products due to laziness or lack of time to cook complete, balanced and healthy meals, many people suffer from digestion problems, one of the main ones being the deregulation of the intestines. And for them the only way to solve these problems quickly is to use their own natural remedies to clean their intestines.