Few people worry about contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) other than AIDS. However, the candida fungus, responsible for candidiasis, is the most common sexually transmitted disease.

And although candidiasis is not a disease that causes very strong disorders in a person with a good immune system, it can be quite serious in more debilitated people when it becomes chronic and frequently erupts. In this case candidiasis can become very unpleasant and quickly disrupt your social life due to the discomfort it causes, and especially the very intense itching.
There are several types of candidiasis, but genital candidiasis is one of the most common and the most uncomfortable. Many people have the wrong idea that only women get genital candidiasis, but men are also infected.

Men can be infected by having sex with an infected woman, and they can also infect their partners.
And while it is more common for women, many men also have to deal with genital candidiasis. Although male to female contagion is easier than female to male contagion, both can be infected by this uncomfortable disease, and treatments for candidiasis are the same, and are usually more effective in men than in women, especially creams and sprays for local application.

One of the big problems in treating this disease is that people confuse ‘relief’ with ‘cure’. They only become aware of this problem when the candidate strikes again after a short time, when they think they are already cured. If this has already happened to you, don’t think you are the only one.

But there are natural treatments for candidiasis that allow a complete cure. They are usually natural anti-fungi, which can be taken for long periods without side effects.

Many women take natural yogurt or apply it to the infected area to try to control the fungus. Another medicine that is also widely used is apple vinegar. These are cures that are very implemented in traditional folklore. But they are only theoretical, they can relieve the symptoms of candidiasis, but they will hardly eliminate the candy fungus from the body.

To eliminate candidiasis, you definitely need stronger extracts. But most are hard to acquire and are dangerous poisons when misused.