Many people research ways to eliminate constipation naturally. Because every day we expose our bodies to ‘poisons’ in the form of polluted air we breathe, water treated with chemicals, fruits and vegetables treated with pesticides, and food processed and preserved with chemicals and all of which produce toxins and free radicals that cannot be processed by the body it is natural for people to worry about how the intestines work because it is the main organ in our body responsible for eliminating toxins and material not absorbed in digestion.

Constipation Of course we have several organs responsible for cleaning our body such as the liver, lungs and kidneys, but the intestines are the largest and responsible for the largest elimination of toxins from our body. The truth is that due to the incorrect feeding we practice (mainly in the cities) we put all these organs in the limit due to the very refined and fiberless food we eat, the fatty meats, too sweet food, tobacco and usually a sedentary life and very deficient in exercise.

As a result, toxins accumulate in our bodies and cause a wide variety of diseases and disorders such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, tumours and even cancer. Of all the organs that filter out toxins, the intestines are usually the most affected. It is normal for people to suffer from constipation, digestive problems, swollen abdomen and abnormal gases.

To avoid this it was advisable that you eliminate all these toxins from your diet, eat a healthy diet and lead an active and healthy life. But unfortunately this is not possible for many people, so a periodic intestinal cleansing is essential to maintain a minimum level of health. It is essential to be able to eliminate all the toxins and putrefying residues that are found in our intestines, as this organ is the main filter in our body.

An intestinal cleansing is beneficial to almost everyone, but for those who suffer from constipation, who do not do at least one to two bowel movements a day, it is not only beneficial but essential to the correct functioning of the whole body.

More and more people have less quality time due to competition in jobs, time spent travelling and daily chores, so they increasingly resort to pre-cooked foods, which take only a few minutes of preparation in the microwave and eliminate from their diet essential goods such as natural fibres and foods rich in essential nutrients such as good homemade soup.

This is how constipation and all the negative aspects associated with constipation appear, which does not allow us to correctly take advantage of the nutrients in our already poor diet. A dirty intestine, with walls clogged with putrid and fermented waste, is responsible for many health problems that appear in the long run.

Constipation is a persistent disease that prevents all feces from being expelled through the rectum. Constipation allows hard stool to ‘cling’ to the walls of the intestines and remain there for months, further aggravating constipation itself and not allowing the intestines to be cleaned and all waste that should be disposed of regularly to be eliminated.

The consequences are many and serious, and can reach the deadly cancer of the colon.

In a bowel that is sick due to constipation, there are huge cavities full of fermented faeces that are not eliminated, as well as numerous polyps scattered all over the bowel where the unprocessed carbohydrates, fats, preservatives, dead cells and other substances present in our food cling to and are not expelled.

It should be noted that a dirty intestine can contain between 4 to 7 kg of decomposing matter composed of leftovers from several meals, some weeks old, and it is very dangerous not to be able to eliminate all these substances.

The substances not eliminated can be absorbed back into the bloodstream, causing an excess of work for all the other organs that try to eliminate them because the intestine is not capable, which overloads these organs. Constipation can be very dangerous for our whole body and not just for the digestive system as most people think!

The non elimination of all toxins and free radicals in the body, when they accumulate in the intestines can lead to various problems of the digestive system, from poor digestion to cancer, but more than this can be reabsorbed and affect all the other organs of our body, causing diseases such as allergies, symptoms of chronic fatigue, headaches, joint pain, hemorrhoids and the weakening of our immune system, which in turn leaves the way open to many other diseases.

The first thing we should all think about is improving our nutrition and our lifestyle, but unfortunately it is easier said than done. And for many people a simple change in eating habits (although essential) is not enough to restore bowel balance and eliminate constipation so a good remedy is needed to help in the process.

But taking laxatives is a mistake. Not only are they additives (cause habituation) but they have very significant negative effects in the long term. Therefore the only solution is the use of a natural remedy, a natural remedy that cleans the intestines immediately and can then be taken daily to restore the proper functioning of the intestines and eliminate constipation.

It is important to remember that bowel cleaning is a process that helps keep the whole body and not just the digestive system healthy, and that regulating bowel movements, with at least one to two bowel movements per day, is essential to maintaining balanced health.

Millions of people suffer from constipation and although they are uncomfortable with this fact, few realize the high negative effects on the whole body caused by constipation. Few people face the seriousness of this problem and try to solve it. If the body can correctly eliminate all the toxins it ingests, it obviously remains healthier.