Detoxification is the process of cleaning the body of toxins, eliminating them, neutralizing them or transforming them. Detoxifying the colon refers to the elimination of these toxins from the large intestine in order to improve digestion and constipation.

These toxins come from our diet, the use of drugs or certain medications and exposure to the environment (fumes and other pollutants we inhale). Internally, fats, especially oxygenated fats and cholesterol, free radicals and other molecules also act as toxins. Difficulties in digestion, constipation, reduced activity of the liver and kidneys result in an increase in the toxins present in the body.
Dirty Colon Detox involves changing our eating habits and lifestyle in order to ingest less toxins and eliminate them more easily. Eliminating chemicals in food, medicines and other sources helps to minimize the toxins ingested. Avoiding pre-cooked food, tobacco, caffeine and alcohol is the first step.

Intestinal cleaning is the name given to intestinal detoxification. Correct bowel movements are the basis of our health. If you do not have at least one bowel movement a day you are walking towards various diseases.
The human body has not changed much in the last hundred years, but our food has changed a lot. Now we eat lots of refined sugars, white flour, hormones and antibiotics that continuously attack our body. We rape our body constantly with terrible foods. Colon cancer is one of the most attacking cancers in man.

That is why all these toxins and residues have to be eliminated, and one has to start with an intestinal cleaning. The main digestion problem people usually suffer from is constipation. A stuck bowel is the one where the toxins take the longest to be eliminated. The longer the digestion takes to complete, the more time toxins affect the body, rotting, fermenting, and can be reabsorbed. The longer the body is exposed to toxins in the intestines the greater the chance of becoming ill. Even with one bowel movement a day, there are still three meals left in the digestive system.

Many diseases start with a dirty intestine. Few bowel movements or even periods of several days without bowel movements are pure poison to the whole body.

Effective intestinal cleansing removes the plaque of residue clinging to the walls of the colon. This waste has to be eliminated, but due to poor nutrition and stress many people have their intestines full of toxic waste.

A healthy intestine weighs several kilograms, but some autopsies have revealed people weighing eight to ten times as much as normal. And only efficient bowel cleaning can eliminate all this excess from the intestines. Effective bowel cleaning

Changing our diet to a diet where vegetables and fruit predominate is very advisable to improve all digestion and help reduce all intestinal plaque. A regular and easy elimination should be the rule, toxins should not be abundant and the food eaten should be digested and its nutrients correctly absorbed. Proper digestion rejuvenates and revitalizes a person.

Of course, if our intestines are already in a bad state, removing all the toxins and waste attached to the walls of the intestine with just a change of diet can take months, or years. So if you want to cleanse your intestines quickly, to detoxify the whole body, the best way is to choose a good natural remedy for intestinal cleaning.

An intestinal cleanse, with the help of a natural remedy, to be effective may also take some time to get rid of all the residues, but it is a safe process with no side effects. A good natural remedy for intestinal cleansing must also contain probiotics to regulate the intestinal flora.

Detox Diet Almost always an efficient colon detox must consist of a good vegetable-based diet and a good natural complement to effectively eliminate toxins, parasites and worms contained in the digestive system. Containing probiotics to regulate the intestinal flora is essential. If you don’t have them you will have to buy them separately and they can be quite expensive.

A person suffering from constipation may have as many as eight meals left in the gut, while a healthy person has only three. A good intestinal cleansing will allow the waste to be eliminated efficiently from the large intestine, the last stage of digestion.

Even if you are thinking of cleaning out your liver, kidneys, blood or lungs you should start with an intestinal cleanse. If the intestines do not work properly, toxins from other organs can be reabsorbed.

Constipation (constipation), diarrhoea and gas are symptoms that the intestines are not working properly. And over time more serious problems can occur, such as colon cancer and a weakened immune system.

As the colon becomes depleted with putrid residue its functionality is affected in several ways. It can swell like a balloon, or develop a disease called diverticululosis (pockets in the intestines that become infected and full of debris), or even stop functioning.

All these malformations in the intestines affect the way you work, which causes serious digestive problems and prevents a correct absorption of nutrients present in food. The intestines are a vital organ of the whole body. If it does not work properly, it can lead to various diseases. Dirty Intestine

Once we correctly understand what a correct elimination of toxins in the intestines can do for our health we never underestimate the value of a bowel cleanse.