The symptoms of candidiasis differ greatly, depending on the site infected.

The common symptoms of a candidiasis vaginal infection are itching and intense burning, as well as a melt-like vaginal discharge. It also causes intense burning when urinating and pain when having sex.

Genital candidiasis in men usually shows irritation with small pimples on the glans, penis or groin, with intense itching.

Symptoms of candidiasisThe oral candidiasis, also called oral candidiasis, is characterized by small white head and red base pimples, and attacks inside the mouth, usually in the roof of the mouth and on the tongue, but in some cases the tongue may turn red, without the whitish appearance.

The fungus can also spread internally throughout the body, usually affecting the eyes, heart, blood, kidneys and brain. It can even attack the lungs and liver.

Candidiasis can even appear in any part of the body that has an injury. It usually presents with an infection caused by many small pimples, which look reddish and may have satellite areas, with small foci of infection around the main infection. These areas can cause pain and itching individually.

If the fungus attacks the blood the person may look sick and have a fever. If it attacks the brain, the person may have drastic changes in behavior and mental abilities.

The symptoms of external candidiasis are usually accompanied by pain and itching. If the symptoms are internal, the attacked organ may hurt and start to function poorly. However most symptoms of candidiasis are external and recurrent. It is normal for some people to have genital candidiasis or oral candidiasis on a recurring basis.

This is where the danger lies! A simple genital candidiasis or oral candidiasis, when untreated, can result in more serious indoor infections. This makes treatment for candidiasis very important, because if treatment is not carried out, in addition to the possibility of infecting other areas of the body, it may return regularly.

Did you know that candidiasis can kill?

Vaginal candidiasis is dangerous. Although it is a very common disease and easy to treat, it should be taken seriously. There are serious problems that candidiasis can present when not treated. The consequences may not be visible in the short term, even when there are eruptions, but it can attack internal organs and cause serious illness.

Vaginal candidiasis can become chronic. The discomfort of vaginal candidiasis is quite strong and so is sexual embarrassment and disorder. Now imagine feeling this discomfort and embarrassment seven or eight times a year for life.

Candidiasis also causes infertility. The vaginal environment and the PH, alternating with the candidacy, may become hostile to the sperm and not allow them to survive, which may lead to you not being able to get pregnant.

Without treatment for candidiasis, which is even an easily treatable disease, it can become chronic and a plague for life. The good news is that treating candidiasis is easy, fast and can be done immediately by choosing a good treatment for candidiasis. This disease can and should be treated as soon as it appears to avoid future problems.