Of almost all the causes of candidiasis in women, the fungus Candida Albicans is usually responsible. In the presence of some propitious factors this fungus can reproduce uncontrollably and cause the symptoms we call candidiasis.

In order to make the right decision about how to treat candidiasis you must first understand what causes this disease. If you read through this article you will be able to understand the causes of this infection and by understanding the causes of the infection you will be able to prevent it or treat it better.

apply for antibiotics. Taking antibiotics can help fight bacterial infections, but prolonged use of antibiotics can reduce the body’s resistance against other infections, and in addition, antibiotics can kill the benign bacteria in the intestines and vaginal area and consequently the death of the benign bacteria, which protect us, can create the perfect conditions for candidiasis to proliferate.

The prolonged use of antibiotics may put it at risk of developing other infections. After treatment, or even during treatment, its level of resistance against other infections is reduced, so that if candidiasis is caught during treatment, the likely cause is the drug that has weakened its natural defenses against candidiasis.

The underwear. Did you know that certain underwear increases the chance of presenting symptoms of candidiasis? Synthetic underwear (other than cotton) helps candidiasis to flourish. Underwear that is not made of cotton usually heats up more, which causes the skin to become damp. Candidiasis loves dark and damp areas so it develops best in these environments. Tight and damp clothes in the intimate areas are the perfect environment for the Candida fungus to multiply.

In order to avoid candidiasis you should wear dry cotton clothes under your pants. You should also avoid wearing tight trousers at all times, prefer clothes that do not restrict air circulation in order to keep your skin dry.

Chemicals. Many people react adversely against certain chemicals such as perfumes and deodorants. These chemicals can affect the acidity and alkalinity of our body and this greatly affects the balance of the benign bacteria that we naturally have in our intimate parts. If the balance between good and bad bacteria is altered this can give candidiasis the opportunity it expects to spread. candidiasis

The food. Our diet is very important. If you suffer from candidiasis you should reduce the consumption of sugar and sugar drinks. Please note that foods containing sugar help the Candida fungus to multiply as the fungus feeds on it. Ingesting too many sweet foods or drinks will certainly increase the symptoms of candidiasis. If you lower your intake of sweet things and eat a balanced diet you will improve your immune system, stay healthier and stronger and deprive the fungus of its favourite food.

Chemicals, underwear, antibiotics and eating sugar may be the cause of your candidiasis infection. Keep an eye on these areas and you will be able to eliminate candidiasis much more easily.