Think of your body as a battlefield. On one side are the harmful bacteria that result from poor hygiene or bad nutrition. On the other side are the good bacteria that help us to defend against the harmful effects of others.

Scientists at Yale University have released work based on 61 studies that revealed how good bacteria in the intestines (intestinal flora) help combat various types of diseases such as constipation, gas, intestinal infections and diarrhoea.

probiotic intestinal cleansing It is estimated that about 80% of our immune system cells are in the intestines. These beneficial bacteria are our assets in combating toxins, pathological agents and poisons. But unfortunately most intestines are filled with putrefying faecal matter which, in extreme cases, can reach 15 kg by increasing the volume of the intestines several times.

The causes of this imbalance are several: a bad diet made up of poorly-fibre and unhealthy foods is usually responsible, but the lack of beneficial bacteria that help eliminate all the crap is also an important factor to take into account.

The death of friendly bacteria in the intestines is usually caused by taking antibiotics and other drugs for various diseases.

Some studies on people with colonizing progeny found that 80%/85% of the bacteria present were harmful bacteria. Gastroenterologist John Di Baise of the Mayo clinic said: “Probiotics seem to have a strong influence on how our body reacts to invading micro-organisms and how our intestines become inflamed or not.

Dr Gary Huffnagle of the University of Michigan, author of “The Probiotics Revolution” reveals that the number of studies conducted for this purpose has risen from 14 in 1995 to over 700 in about 10 years. Both doctors and the general public are beginning to wake up to the importance of the large intestine (of the colon) in our general health. When the colon is not healthy the rest of our body suffers strong consequences.

When beneficial bacteria diminish harmful bacteria take over our intestines, which in addition to gases and digestive problems allow parasites to lodge and bacteria and viruses to flourish which weaken our entire health. The immune system is weakened and cannot respond to dangers due to inflammation of the intestines, thus allowing attacks that destroy normal, healthy tissue. This leads to several autoimmune diseases.

The accumulation of decaying faecal material generates toxins and poisons that should be eliminated in the excrements but which thus poison the whole body. Some autopsies show that the accumulation of faecal matter in the intestines is a much more dangerous subject than most people think. sick colon

Dr. Bernard Jensen revealed a 300-autopsies study in which 285 of the people showed strong signs of constipation and faecal plaque clinging to the intestinal walls. Only 15 of these people had normal bowels with no signs of constipation.

Dr Arnold Ehret, a well-known German doctor, revealed similar findings. “…of 284 autopsies only 28 revealed some intestines free of faecal plaque… all the others had sick intestines, with hard stools embedded in the walls, which distended the intestines to twice their normal size”.

You may be washed out thinking this is not your case because you have at least one bowel movement every day, but unfortunately in most cases this is not true. A study in Denmark at Elsinore Hospital showed that 62% of people who have an evacuation a day still have a dirty, clogged colon.

Intestinal cleaning In this study, 250 people aged between 25 and 80 years showed that 80% of them said they had at least one bowel movement per day and still had a colon with a strong presence of faecal plaque.

What do the doctors who follow intestinal problems say? Many recommend a bowel cleanse to eliminate all impurities. The vast majority recommended at least a reintroduction of good bacteria, probiotics, with the help of dietary supplements in the daily diet, as well as a reduction in sugar intake and an increase in fibre. Almost all recommended supplementation with probiotics.

A good probiotic supplement increases the health of the intestines and the whole body, because the body needs them. Our body also needs harmful bacteria because they will increase our resistance to various attacks, so balance is the key to proper health. If you are looking for probiotics that keep your body healthy we advise the use of supplements for intestinal cleaning with probiotics included.

Before you decide to use a probiotic supplement you should know what this product does. Probiotics are bacteria that are naturally present in the human body and help to balance the whole body, but as we get older and undermine our body with inadequate nutrition their amount decreases. Probiotic supplements increase the levels of these bacteria promoting the necessary balance.

This increases our body’s resistance and prevents harmful bacteria from settling. Our body’s defences may be good, but probiotics make our body even stronger. You need both types and you must maintain a balance between them. Belly Prison Medicine

Probiotic supplements are capsules that contain various types of beneficial bacteria and it is important that these capsules resist the acids and enzymes present in our stomach and small intestines so that they are not killed before they reach the large intestine (colon). Restoring the colon’s health results in the resolution of many other health problems, even some not related to the colon.