If you constantly suffer from unpleasant symptoms such as frequent constipation, gas, stomach pains, frequent headaches, constant fatigue or have a swollen belly it can be the alarm signs of an intestinal dysfunction, running the risk of getting worse every day until treated.

About constipation, chronic diarrhea, or feeling bloated and short of energy? Maybe you feel that you are not in good health without being able to identify why?

In any of these cases the first thing to think about is a bowel cleanse, because the residues accumulated in the intestines are the cause of poor digestion and poor absorption of nutrients and can be responsible for various types of diseases, the aggravation of others and a general malaise of the whole body.

The nature of the large intestine, colon, is to eliminate waste, bacteria and toxins from the body and to absorb water and minerals while maintaining the body’s balance.

An intestine that cannot perform these functions properly, due to the accumulation of waste and toxins that cling to its walls, contaminates the entire body.

Many health problems, such as tummy ache, constipation and lack of energy, can be due to a sick bowel, due in part to a diet that produces a lot of waste that clogs the intestines. Most people consume many toxins every day in the form of refined sugars, white flour, fried foods, hydrogenated fats, caffeine and microwave-ready food.

A lot of that stuff has difficulty being evacuated. To get rid of all that crap, a bowel clean-up is the best solution. There are many advantages to your health in doing a bowel cleanse.

A natural bowel cleanse will surely make you healthier, increase your energy levels and make you mentally more active to meet your challenges.

It destroys chronic constipation (the toxins that clog the intestines) caused by poor nutrition. Intestinal Cleansing

In this modern society, especially in cities, most of the food we eat contains dangerous ingredients such as synthetic preservatives and insecticides. We live in a society of low nutritional value with an almost total absence of whole fiber, which the intestines need so much to function properly.

Due to modern technology it is possible to find many methods of intestinal cleaning on the market, but few are natural and free of side effects. When we find ourselves sick of the intestines the first thought goes to the prescribed medicines, but few people analyze the effects that some of these medicines cause in the medium and long term.

Fortunately due to advances in natural medicine it is possible to find some safe and natural methods of intestinal cleaning and unless you suffer from some illness that natural remedies cannot solve, this should always be your choice.

Natural Bowel Cleansing A natural bowel cleansing done periodically, in combination with a healthy diet and containing some integral fiber, is all you need to live healthily.

You can buy several herbs and teas for intestinal cleaning from any herbalist, but you must be very careful with the dosage applied and the various products that are taken together to avoid diarrhea that can dehydrate you and other problems that may arise. With time you gain experience and can better control the dosage and effects, but in any case you should always do the intestinal cleaning on days you don’t need to leave home.

Another more efficient and less dangerous solution, because it allows much better control, is to opt for a natural compound remedy, which already has the combined ingredients in the right proportions to be efficient without presenting side effects.