Intestinal cleaning is not only fashionable, it has become part of this modern world due to poor nutrition, poor in fiber and vegetables and rich in sugars and refined flours, which do not allow the intestine to do its role of eliminating toxins correctly. But in this case where to do the intestinal cleaning? At home, of course. Why not? It’s not such a hard thing to do.

But don’t use chemical laxatives. They’re not healthy and should only be used as a last resort, when you’re too attached to your bowels, and never on a regular basis. Doing a bowel cleanse to get healthier using an unhealthy product is not very logical.

If you feel comfortable with it you can use previously boiled water, to eliminate any bacteria you may have, and insert it through the rectum, about 1.5 litres. The best place to do this is to lie on a towel on the bathroom floor. It’s the cheapest way to do an intestinal cleaning. It is advisable to then take a supplement rich in probiotic bacteria to replace those that have been eliminated.

But if you are looking for a simple, effective and safe method (without the unpleasant sensation of colon hydrotherapy) then your choice has to fall on a natural supplement for intestinal cleaning.

In this case, it only remains to choose a good natural supplement. The choice has to be one that contains a high dose of intact fibres, because they will ‘clean’ the intestines and break down impurities that are stuck to the walls of the large intestine, some natural laxatives that will intensify the bowel movements and should also contain a high percentage of probiotic bacteria that will repopulate the intestines, because much of our natural flora is lost with intestinal cleansing. colon hydrotherapy

Which one, then, is the most expensive, the one with the best presentation? Not necessarily!

The price does not guarantee quality, nor in most cases is it related. However to the one who suspects something that is much lower than the normal price in the market.

intestinal cleaning – medicines Presentation doesn’t count either. It is true that the eyes are the first to ‘eat’ but a beautiful package does not guarantee anything.

Analyse the ingredients with which it is made, only they can give you a guarantee of the quality of the product. You may not know many of the ingredients, but at least make sure you meet the three standards we described above: fibre, mild natural laxatives and probiotic bacteria.

With a good supplement, intestinal cleansing can be done in the comfort of your home, without doctors assisting you and without serious side effects.

A few last tips:

Do the intestinal cleaning in a day that does not need to leave home. In the previous two days eat only simple and easily digestible things. Take a dose at bedtime and start the actual bowel cleaning first thing in the morning.

Since you don’t need to leave the house, you can go to the bathroom as many times as needed without worrying. And if you have any diarrhoea (which is normal the first few times because you don’t know the exact dose you need to take yet), it won’t be a major problem. It usually goes away in a few hours.