The large intestine, colon, is one of the most important parts of the digestive system. Its purpose is to absorb the water and salts that still remain from the food before the body gets rid of them.

The colon is the second largest element of the digestive system and responsible for helping to extract most of the nutrients we eat, so it is bathed in many blood vessels that will help it to distribute the nutrients throughout the body and its health is essential to the proper functioning of the whole body.

Why is it important to do an intestinal cleansing?
Colon Cleansing Good… if a part of the body does not work well then many problems can arise. First the body cannot absorb all the nutrients from the diet. This can lead to a lack of vitamins, minerals and salts essential to the functioning of certain organs.

One of the consequences is that the body gets to eat more, because the body passes on the message that it does not yet have all the ingredients it needs for its functioning, and creates the desire to eat more food.

This can obviously lead to unwanted weight gain.
An intestinal cleansing is a simple way to keep the body healthy

We all know that our body’s tendency is to stay healthy, as long as it is provided with the necessary nutrients and is not overloaded with harmful products. It tries to eliminate any illness or disease by itself, and return to its normal state. But if due to a ‘dirty’ colon it doesn’t get the nutrients it needs?

Most people, especially in the big cities, live surrounded by harmful chemicals. There are chemicals in the water we drink every day, deliberately placed in food to keep it for longer periods and even in the air we breathe. Many of these chemicals are new to our body and it has not yet evolved to eliminate them on its own.

The human body is a miracle of nature. But the truth is that we make it very difficult for it to stay healthy. And all these chemicals that we absorb accumulate in our lungs, our liver, our kidneys and especially our intestines.

By helping our body from time to time get rid of these toxic nutrients through intestinal cleansing we are only enabling it to function properly, which is its goal. Intestinal Cleansing

An intestinal cleansing should be part of that help to the body.

It’s almost like reviewing a car, changing the oil, filters and other ‘dirty’ parts so that it can work properly. And our body is much more complex than a car, so why not help it to change the ‘dirty’ parts so it can work properly?