What are Vaginal Abrasions?
How does a woman get vaginal abrasions? What treatments and remedies should she undertake when she encounters these abrasions?

Vaginal Abrasions
Vaginal Abrasions

Cracks also called, vaginal abrasions often come as a result of some particular reasons.

These may include the following:
vaginal infections
Physical injuries
Hormonal imbalance due to a woman who has thin vaginal mucus
Non-lubricated penetration of the vagina.
They can cause a woman to experience what are called cracks or abrasions. Cures and remedies are dependent on how and why a woman got these conditions. These can be painful for a woman, and treatment as well as rehabilitation is important when dealing with a problem like this.

Home remedies and treatment of vaginal abrasions
When dealing with vaginal abrasions or cracks, you may need to do the following

See your doctor immediately. It is still important to ask for help from a professional.
Take some time to note when these cracks appear or if they are recurring abrasions. If they appear during the time around your period, if they appeared after you had just had a baby, or if you notice other symptoms besides these vaginal abrasions.
You can try a home remedy for such a problem if it is fairly minor or if the vaginal abrasions are located near the lips and not internally. Another option is to buy a hemorrhoidal cushion to clean the lip area when you have vaginal abrasions.
You can also use an antibacterial relief spray or similar cloth for discomfort. If symptoms such as irritation and burning sensations continue or worsen, a trip to your doctor is necessary.
A prescription ointment may also be your cure for such vaginal abrasions. A vaginal cream that has estrogen may also be helpful.
A woman must abstain from sex when she is having these problems. Until these abrasions are healed or until her doctor gives her permission to resume sex, abstinence should be practiced.