5 Remedies for Dry and Cracked Heels

Dry, cracked heels are a fairly common problem that often occurs in people who tend to walk around the house barefoot or wear open shoes, so the best way to prevent this condition is to use closed shoes. But once we have dry and cracked heels, we have a series of remedies for dry and cracked heels that we can apply and that we will explain in this article.
A great home remedy to keep our heels soft is to warm our feet with hot water before sleeping for a period of about a quarter of an hour and then scratch them with a pumice stone.

Cracked Heels

Another method we can use is the honey bath. Warm water is mixed with honey and we soak our skin in it for about half an hour. In the same way as in the previous remedy, we scratch with a pumice stone and then dry our feet well with a towel.

Cocoa butter is a product known for its moisturizing properties for our skin. Applying it to our heels will help moisturize them.

Coconut oil, in addition to the moisturizing properties that cocoa butter has, is a product considered almost miraculous for its ability to remove dead cells and strengthen skin tissues.

Finally, a remedy that we can use for dry and cracked heels, is to make an avocado and banana paste that we can obtain by crushing both products and applying this paste on our feet during a period of approximately half an hour, applying a fine plastic coating.

By applying these remedies your feet should appear soft and hydrated, although if the problem persists it is advisable to go to a specialist who can discuss your problem in a more specific way.