In this article we will see a series of home remedies for fever, all of them totally natural. First of all, we must clarify that fever is nothing more than a response of our organism, a defense mechanism, against external aggressions, such as bacteria or viruses. That is why we must consider fever even as something beneficial, which is not recommended to eliminate, as it will help to end sooner with the disease that causes it.

  1. Stay at rest and keep warm.
    Staying in bed, well wrapped up and completely at rest will be the best of home remedies for fever. It is a fantastic way to speed up the process, because if we are well wrapped up, the heat generated by the flu will cause an increase in sweating which will favour the elimination of toxins and speed up recovery.
  2. Correct hydration.
    The increase in sweating mentioned above can cause an excessive loss of liquids, which will have to be replaced. It is therefore essential to drink an abundant amount of water or juice.
  3. Warm water baths.
    If the temperature rises quickly and excessively, the best home remedy for fever that we can use is to put the patient in a bath with warm water. The temperature of the water should never be higher than the body temperature, and certainly not too cold. This method will be effective as long as the patient has not yet started to sweat, otherwise the evaporation of the sweat itself will have the same effect, and it will not be necessary.
  4. Keep your head and neck cool.
    It is usually effective to place cloths moistened in fresh water on the forehead or neck, thus reducing excess temperature on the head. It is important that the cloth is well drained, and that more water is applied as it evaporates.
  5. Strict diet.
    While the feverish process lasts, it is advisable to eat only liquids, whether it is serum, juice or broth. In this way we will promote the cleaning of the organism and the elimination of toxins and agents that cause the illness.

All these natural remedies for fever will allow us to keep it under control, although as we have indicated, we will only use them when it is too high and therefore potentially dangerous. In any case, if we see that it is persistently high, it will always be advisable to visit our family doctor, who will be the most suitable to detect the causes. It is the doctor who will be able to advise us on how to cure the fever, or rather the cause of it.