Some Benefits of Olive Oil
For skin, weak nails and hair problems. Sometimes we need a little help not to abandon the diet and achieve our weight goal as soon as possible. Strengthen the hair follicles to avoid hair loss. In addition, it is really useful to monitor the levels of bad cholesterol. Olive oil is often taken to prepare tasty and nutritious salads, and is used as a dressing. In addition, it has antioxidant components, useful to prevent aging, so its consumption is uniquely recommended. Although nowadays there is a feeling of widespread rejection of fats, the truth is that not all and each one of the fats are the same. Olive oil combined with lemon juice helps in a very positive way to strengthen weak and thin nails.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Health benefits of olive oil with lemon juice

Good for your digestive system and against constipation. What forms the olive oil, in a natural cardiovascular protector. One of its main advantages is that it protects the body against skin, colon and breast cancer. Oleic acid reduces anti-inflammatory indicators in the blood.

This edible in the stage of our childhood, even from our gestation, forms an essential role due to different factors. Our recommendation is yes, to take olive oil already before breakfast is a good option. It can even be used for shaving or to remove make-up. It improves the absorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc. Olive oil, with its oleic acid, increases good cholesterol. Dry skin will be blessed with its moisture.

It serves to moisturize the skin, remove make-up from the eyes, and fix the hair already before washing the hair. Its low degree of acidity promotes good digestion. To soothe tired feet, massaging with olive oil. The use of olive oil on a regular basis will help you to have a more shiny, soft and healthy coat. It gives us liposoluble vitamin D, which is really useful in the treatment of certain skin conditions.